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Peter Mcardle, Hudson, NY

Hi Mike, A good friend of mine is getting married. I mentioned I knew two great DJ's. He asked me to check to if you were available and how much it might be. He also said he would like me to sing a song during the reception. The wedding will be Wednesday July 3rd, 2019. It will be held at The Wick Hotel on Cross St. Zin Hudson. The reception including the cocktail hour will start at 4:30 PM & run until 9:30 PM (5 hours) This is a young couple 21 &18 with a five week old baby, please let me know if you guys are available and what the cost might be. Thanks so much, I look forward to your reply. P.S. We are gonna try to get out to see you guys at Hagar's Harbor on the 12th.

Paul, South Carolina

Michael, Can you take me off your mailing list as we moved to SC, thanks, Paul

John, Pittsfield, Ma.

Saw you guys at the Columbia County Fair. Great show!

Pete, Community Life Church, Catskill, NY

I want to thank Herbie for a GREAT NIGHT!!! Our JOY/SWAP Ministry at our church had a "50's Night" We did a Karaoke Elvis Presley Show, and it couldn't have gone any better. Herbie was a real trooper, took of his own time, and went above and beyond my expectations. Everyone had a "WONDERFUL" time. THANKS AGAIN!!! Can't wait until we can do it again.

RJ, Hudson

Helped celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Quarry Steak House - Couldn't have asked for a more awesome evening.

Chuckwagon + Sue, Athens

Great new venue at the Pegasus. Had a great time!!!(tsmile):P(H) (worry)

Casey, Her heaven in the cold snowy Peachtree

Hey everyone- Want to wish you all a very safe and Happy New Year. Stay warm and stay out of the cold. I am searching for my lost boot somewhere between Germantown, NY and the 746 miles to here........ Maybe it is at Applebee's Lost and Found. I need it so I can go shovel those 20 snowflakes in my driveway tonight. Love to you all....... Be Safe and Please no bad news on New Years- no DWI tickets, and everyone returns home with all body parts intact. But do raise hell- Casey's style...... LOL

Casey, Applebee's Hudson, NY

SPECIAL NOTICE TO ALL MY FRIENDS, KARAOKE BUDDIES and ANYONE WHO IS CURIOUS ABOUT THIS LADY!!!!!!!!!! Big night going down at Applebee's in Hudson on Friday, 9/29. My last one- Bring your laughs for a PROPER send off!!!!!!!

Casey, The Trailerhood Happy Day Shindig

Hey guys- all I can say is SUPER JOB, thank you. Everyone had a blast being the total fools we all deserve to be once in awhile because of the fine job you did- well done!! Ted (the victim of the day) was totally shocked. I think I need to add a new song to my list- Casey's rendition of Like A Virgin!! Check out some pf those photos on my f.b. page OMG. You are the GREATEST!!

Dawn, Coxsackie

;) What a great night again at kareoke !! Herbie and Mike are great! Herbie is fun with his music trivia. Mike keeps the songs rollin'. Last night at the Southside Cantina in Leeds, everyone had a fun time, lots of songs, food and laughter ! Looking forward to going to Applebees in Hudson at the end of the month !! Keep rockin' guys, and us girls will keep singin' ...

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